Verdicts & Settlements

John A. Caputo has obtained significant verdicts and settlements for his clients. The following is a representative sample of those. Note, however, that every case is fact specific. The results reported here do not mean or guarantee that a same or similar result will be obtained in a different case.

More than $18 million settlement-brain damage from medical testing

$8.78 million verdict-loss of lower legs due to negligent treatment of bowel peritonitis.

$8 million settlement during trial-brain damage from delay in medical diagnosis

$5 million verdict-paralysis followed by premature death caused by a drunk driver served at a tavern

$5 million settlement-brain injury to infant from delayed delivery

$4.3 million settlement-brain injury to infant followed by premature death from delayed delivery

$4 million settlement-paralysis of 67 year old due to delayed diagnosis

$4 million verdict-amputations from delayed diagnosis and treatment of meningococcus infection

$4 million arbitration award-bipolar disorder from a severe brain concussion in a motor vehicle collision

$3.5 million settlement-death of housewife and mother from delayed diagnosis of cervical cancer from misread of Pap specimens

$3 million plus settlement-death due to failure to diagnose a bowel obstruction

$3 million settlement-decreased vision from failure to diagnose a cyst

$2.95 million recovery-death due to hospital negligence emissing equipment malfunction.

$2.5 million recovery-during trial death of liver transplant patient in long term acute care facility due to aspiration during a procedure.

$2.5 million settlement-leg amputation of worker who entered an unguarded space at a coil slitting machine

$2.5 million settlement-leg amputation of worker who entered an unguarded space of a conveyor system

$2 million settlement-leg and ankle fractures from motor vehicle collision

$1.8 million settlement-personality change and disc surgery from rear-end collision

$1.775 million settlement-death of worker crushed in a defective conveyor system

$1.75 million settlement-death of homemaker in home explosion from a natural gas leak

$1.6 million plus settlement-death due to cardiac valve surgery

$1.5 million settlement-delayed diagnosis of cervical cancer from a misreading of Pap specimen requiring radiation rather than surgery

$1.5 million settlement-internal injuries to a worker from an exploding machine

$1.4 million settlement-speech impairment from delayed diagnosis of evolving stroke

$1.4 million settlement-death from overdose of clot buster during treatment for a blood clot

$1.3 million settlement-death of baby at delivery and loss of uterus

$1.3 million settlement-muscle and flesh loss in leg and groin from delayed diagnosis and treatment of "flesh-eating" bacterial infection

$1.3 million settlement-partial paralysis from delayed treatment of evolving stroke

$1.3 million settlement-fracture and crush of an arm from collision of vehicles

$1.25 million settlement-leg fractures and internal injuries in a motorcycle-vehicle collision

$1.25 million settlement-temporary oxygen deprivation from lack of monitoring

$1 million verdict-fractured arm and leg in motor boat collision on the Allegheny River

$1 million settlement-delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer

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