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Fatal Pittsburgh area accident frightens pedestrians

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2017 | Wrongful Death

A fatal accident in Pittsburgh involving an area cab company has left many pedestrians who walk downtown, particularly at night, very worried about their safety.

The recent accident involved a cab driving at what witnesses described as a very fast pace. The cab driver apparently lost control or did not see that the car was about to go off of the road when the cab made a turn. The cab jumped the curb of a sidewalk in the downtown area, striking two pedestrians. One of the pedestrians died from his injuries, and the condition of the other victim is not known.

There was no report of the police who responded to the incident issuing a citation to the cab driver, who reportedly drove a short distance after the accident but remained at the scene until police arrived. The taxi company for whom the driver worked did not comment on the incident. The investigation in to the cause of the accident is still ongoing.

Even when pedestrians are crossing a street or walking in the road, Pennsylvania drivers have an obligation to exercise reasonable care around them, in part because a pedestrian has no protection against the force of a heavy vehicle. It is all the more true, and almost goes without saying, that a vehicle driver needs to be sure to stay on the road and not travel in to a sidewalk, a place where pedestrians expect to be safe from vehicle traffic.

While the cause of this accident is still under investigation, what is clear is that a Pittsburgh area family has lost a loved one. The other person who was struck may well have suffered serious injuries that will require a lengthy recovery time and extensive medical care. Although nothing can bring their loved one back, the family of the person who died may want to consider a wrongful death suit as a possible way to cover the financial losses associated with this tragic accident.

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