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Study shows that drivers use phones though they know it’s wrong

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | Car Accidents

An online study from Wakefield Research shows that many drivers are using their phones even when they know it is wrong. Pennsylvania residents may have heard the results of this study because it was recently shared by Root Insurance, a company that offers incentives to drivers who avoid phone use.

Nearly 2,000 drivers across the country responded to this study. Of those, almost half said that distracted driving is a top concern for them. All but 1% admitted that phones can be a frequent distraction for drivers. Yet these respondents admitted at the same time to using their phones behind the wheel for an average of 13 minutes per day. Nearly two in five said they do not put down their phones when they see police around.

Of the participants, 52% said that they would most often take their eyes from the road to participate in group chats, including text and email chains, while 33% said the same for social media. This included even memes and newsfeeds. Worryingly, 18% said they stream videos, such as shows and movie trailers, while driving.

The vast majority of respondents, 90%, said their driving is superior when comparing their abilities to those of ride-hailing employees. About 89% said they would give a bad rating to Uber or Lyft drivers who texted; 39% claimed that they did.

Distracted drivers will bear all or most of the blame for any car accidents they cause. It depends on how the other side contributed to it, if at all. In this state, victims may file a personal injury claim even if they are partially at fault, but any damages they receive will naturally be proportionate to their degree of fault. Victims may want a lawyer to handle negotiations or litigation.