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Safety tips to avoid accidents as commercial truck driver

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2019 | Uncategorized

As you are moving down the road on your 11th to 14th consecutive hour of driving, your eyes may get a little heavy and your reaction time may be a little slower. These six safety tips below are a smart guide for both new and experienced commercial drivers to consult before your next turn around.

Move slow and be thorough

As the owner of a Certified Driver’s License (CDL,) you are a professional driver and are the owners of some of the biggest vehicles on the road. Move cautiously, think about your current move, your next move and take your time. Be aware of where your entire vehicle is at all times. Unnecessary speed in an often cause of preventable accidents.

Plan your trip

Detailed planning can seriously aid and help reduce the stress level you’ll experience during your trip. Even for the experienced commercial driver, navigating the location of a drop point in a new environment and lots of traffic can be increasingly stressful.

Buy and use a road map

Most of you have dealt with GPS sending you the strong way or recalculating to slowly. The fact is that GPS systems still have issues and are not always precise. If you can learn how to read an actual road map, you won’t have to worry as often if the GPS directions are exact.

Receive delivery directions from the receiver

Make sure when you make this call that you are speaking with the receiver and not the receptionist. The receptionist or assistant may be very knowledgeable about many issues, but the receiver is the one dealing with deliveries all day long at the drop point and will have the most precise location knowledge. In a populated location, this call will act as an additionally valuable resource when combined with your GPS and road map.

Study your delivery spot

When you arrive at your location, get out and study the area you’ll be backing into and become aware of hazards.

Don’t only trust your spotter (trust yourself as well)

The point to take away from this tip, is to know your vehicle inside-and-out. Be aware of where all sections of your truck will be during the backing up process. Your spotter will likely only have eyes on one end of the trailer. Still keep an eye on your spotter but trust yourself as well, as you are the one who constantly drives the truck.

In 2017, there was a 9% increase in fatal accidents involving large trucks or buses. Keep yourself in control of your commercial vehicle my following the safety tips above.