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October 2019 Archives

C-sections come with serious risks

As you prepare to become a mother for the first time or again, you may prepare mentally for the possibility of an emergency C-section. Your goal may be a natural birth, but knowing that complications can occur, you probably keep this possibility in the back of your mind.

Advanced safety technology decreasing U.S. traffic deaths

Advanced safety technology might be helping to drive down U.S. traffic fatalities in Pennsylvania and across the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The agency released its annual U.S. traffic accident figures on Oct. 22.

Nearly 47,000 citations issued in 2019 Operation Safe Driver Week

Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance designates one week as a time for increased enforcement of traffic laws. In 2019, that week-long initiative known as Operation Safe Driver Week was held between July 14 and 20. Both passenger vehicle drivers and commercial vehicle drivers in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. were pulled over and either warned or cited for traffic violations. The results were as follows.

Lack of research reduces care for male breast cancer patients

Although people in Pennsylvania widely perceive breast cancer as a female disease, some men develop cancerous tumors in breast tissue. Medical researchers estimate that 2,670 men nationwide will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019. Most of them will face a lower survival rate compared to their female peers. The bulk of breast cancer research has focused solely on women and left men with treatment options that may or may not work effectively on male bodies.

Study shows 41% of truckers are sleep deprived

Ball State University conducted a study involving more than 150,000 working adults in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. In 2010, 30.9% of these responded that they experienced inadequate sleep: that is, less than seven hours of sleep a day. In 2018, that percentage rose to 35.6%. Researchers were able to find out what professions had been most impacted by sleep deprivation, and trucking is in the worst four.

What is hypoxia? When could it be linked to negligence?

If you've ever taken a basic biology or anatomy course, you no doubt learned about the important role oxygen plays in healthy development of the human brain and how necessary it is for daily life function. Hypoxia is a condition where a region of the body is deprived of needed oxygen. Organs can suffer damage within minutes.  

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