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Nearly 47,000 citations issued in 2019 Operation Safe Driver Week

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2019 | Truck Accidents

Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance designates one week as a time for increased enforcement of traffic laws. In 2019, that week-long initiative known as Operation Safe Driver Week was held between July 14 and 20. Both passenger vehicle drivers and commercial vehicle drivers in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. were pulled over and either warned or cited for traffic violations. The results were as follows.

A total of 46,752 citations and 87,624 warnings were issued. Of those citations, 17,556 were for exceeding the speed limit or driving too fast for conditions; 1,454 were CMV drivers while 16,102 were passenger vehicle drivers. Speeding, which was the focus of the 2019 Operation Safe Driver Week, was thus the most cited violation. This was followed by failure to wear a seat belt with 2,748 total citations to 954 CMV and 1,794 passenger vehicle drivers.

In third place was the failure to obey traffic control devices: 426 CMV and 540 passenger vehicle drivers were cited. While 517 passenger vehicle drivers were cited for inattentive, careless or reckless driving, only 32 CMV drivers were cited for it. Both types of drivers were frequently cited for things like phone use behind the wheel and improper lane changes. Upon stopping vehicles, law enforcement officials were also able to detect driver impairment by drugs or alcohol.

Drunk, drugged, distracted and drowsy driving are just a few of the more commonly reported factors in truck accidents. Those who are injured through little or no fault of their own may file a claim against the trucking company. Trucking companies likely have a legal team ready to defend them against all claims, so victims may want a lawyer on their side as well. Personal injury might lawyers have a network of investigators and other third parties to help build up a case.