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How alert systems can reduce distracted driving with AI

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2019 | Car Accidents

Distracted driving is on the rise in Pennsylvania, as elsewhere, and it appears that efforts to educate drivers on the danger are failing. While some cars are equipped with features that alert drivers when they are caught distracted, drivers can easily become used to the alert and treat it as background noise. This is where artificial intelligence may start to play a role.

Automakers are beginning to look into the mechanics of deep learning and the advances that have been made in computer vision technology algorithms. With AI, automakers can improve their sensors and cameras and maybe even develop them to the point where they can predict all human behavior behind the wheel. Visual AI will build use cases, which can help in the identification of more sources of distraction.

Car makers are also aiming to make the alerts more noticeable. Some automakers want to make it so that the background of the dashboard changes color at the same time the alert goes off. Others want the radio to turn off so that the alert comes through. AI may even allow the system to take control of the vehicle.

If AI is successfully incorporated in these features, they may become mandatory. After all, automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning systems will be on all vehicles by 2020.

With or without safety features, drivers must be in control of their vehicle. If they become distracted or act in some other negligent way, they should be held responsible for any car accidents they cause. Victims may file a claim to seek compensation for their medical bills, their pain and suffering and the wages they lost during their physical recovery. Before filing, they may want to retain legal counsel because auto insurance companies can be aggressive in denying claims.