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How drivers can have an accident-free winter

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2019 | Car Accidents

Auto accidents become a major concern during the Pennsylvania winters, and drivers should know that they cannot blame the weather or the roads for any accidents they cause. Rather, there are some basic safety tips that any driver can and must follow so as to minimize the risk for a crash. It all begins with heading out only when work, or shopping or another necessity calls for it.

Once out on the road, assuming that it’s an icy, wet or snowy road, drivers should slow down. The faster they go, the less traction their tires have and, therefore, the more likely their car will skid or spin out of control. Accelerating should not be fast and sudden either, or drivers will be spinning their wheels uselessly.

In fact, drivers should try to avoid braking to a complete stop at traffic lights but should rather keep some momentum so as to prevent any complications. Braking is another maneuver that must be gentle and gradual. Drivers should know what the right way to brake is if their car comes with ABS, EBD or BA.

Braking distance increases on wet, icy and snowy roads, so drivers should keep a greater distance from the vehicle in front. Five to six seconds is considered a good minimum. This can apply to all seasons.

When drivers speed or act in some other negligent way and cause car accidents, then their auto insurance company will likely find itself facing a claim from the other side. Victims may strive for a settlement that covers the cost to treat their injuries, the wages they lose during their physical recovery and more, but they might want legal assistance for the filing process. A lawyer may bring in investigators to show just how the defendant was negligent.