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How can birth injuries affect mothers?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2020 | Birth Injury

Although it is commonly thought that birth injuries only happen to infants, mothers may also experience medical complications due to labor and delivery that leave you feeling hurt and alone. It is imperative you understand just what those complications may potentially be, along with knowing how to deal with the emotional and physical fallout.

Physical injuries typically occur during or directly after labor. Unlike mental injuries, they are more easily seen and understood by family and friends close to you, which makes it easier to get fast treatment. According to Birth Injury Guide, the most common examples of these include infections, broken bones, bleeding or bruising, Caesarian section ruptures, vaginal tears, pre-eclampsia, or other injuries. The added cost of fixing any medical mistakes may become an added source of stress for you while you are already in the position of having to care for a newborn.

You may also struggle with adjusting to the long-term mental effects of a birth injury. Many mental injuries often go unchecked, but can also be more expensive to treat and longer-lasting than purely physical injuries. Depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, are common side effects of birth injuries. Seeking therapy and groups to talk to about this specific issue may be the best possible way for you to prevent a depressive episode that would leave you unable to care for yourself.

Being supportive of those with birth injuries and understanding how it affects them is a crucial task. Both mental and physical medical issues are treatable, but first, you must make sure you know how it can affect you.