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Mount Pleasant collision leaves five people dead

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2020 | Car Accidents

A common response when speeding is cited as the cause of a car accident in Pittsburgh is for the one accused of it to claim that they were not exceeding the posted speed limit. There are scenarios, however, where one simply driving at or slightly under the speed limit does not still mean that their speed was excessive. Indeed, state laws recognize that there are implied speed limits in certain areas, and in others, signs may indicate that road conditions mandate that slower speeds be maintained in order to operate a vehicle safely. A violation of either can open a driver up to accusations of liability.

Early reports from a recent accident investigation over a fatal crash near Mount Pleasant seem to indicate that such a violation may indeed have been a factor. Five people were killed when a tour bus traveling along the Pennsylvania Turnpike lost control and caused a chain reaction collision involving several vehicles. Investigators say that the posted speed limit in the area where the bus began experiencing difficulties was 70 mph, yet signs indicated that an upcoming curve should prompt drivers heading westbound to slow to 55 mph. While not directly stated as being the cause of the accident, the implied failure of the bus driver to heed those warnings could seemingly explain the loss of the vehicle’s control.

The driver of the bus was killed in this collision. When those reportedly responsible for causing car accidents die in them, some may think that accident victims are left without any legal recourse. However, if compensation is needed, action can indeed be taken against the liable driver’s estate. Those needing to do so may first want to consult with an experienced attorney.