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Why do people run stop signs?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Car Accidents

No matter what type of vehicle they’re in, one of the most dangerous things that any driver can do is to run a stop sign. If it’s a four-way stop, someone else may be driving or turning through the intersection after coming to a stop themselves. If it’s a two-way stop, that other driver may not even slow down as they reach the intersection. Either way, accidents can be devastating. So why do they happen?

Not seeing the sign

One excuse people often give is that they would have stopped but they never saw the sign. They may complain that it’s hidden by a tree or a parked car. It may be that they were driving at night and everything, including traffic control signs, was harder to see.

Seeking smaller roads

One study indicated that the reason may be that people want to get off of the busy main roads, where stoplights are more common. When they gravitate to smaller roads, though, they have to contend with numerous stop signs instead. Some drivers may speed or roll through these signs to save time.

Getting distracted

Certainly, stop-sign-running is also an issue with drivers who get distracted by their phones, passengers, GPS devices, and many other things of this nature. These drivers are not paying enough attention to see the sign before they just blow right through it. Sometimes, they get lucky and the intersection is empty. Other times, they cause catastrophic accidents.

What are your options?

Have you been hit by a driver who ran a stop sign? You need to know what options you have to seek compensation.