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Are older commercial truckers riskier drivers?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Do older truck drivers make you anxious on the road? You might have good reason to feel a little nervous. Several studies have confirmed that seniors can become risky drivers on the road, according to CBS News.

Most of this stems from the natural process of getting older.

Why senior truckers may pose a risk to you

As people age, their hearing and eyesight may deteriorate. Reflexes slow. Seniors are also more likely to need a cocktail of medications to prevent or manage illnesses. All of these factors may work together to create impaired driving, even among the most responsible drivers.

If you encounter these drivers in conditions that result in poor visibility or after a recent medication switch, the chances of them crashing into you may climb. The risk soars especially high in the winter when Pennsylvania snow can make roadways dangerous for anyone.

Why companies hire seniors anyway

Seniors who have not finished saving up for retirement or have grown bored with retirement are often eager to fill these positions. Drivers 66 years and older make up roughly 10% of the trucker workforce.

Trucking companies struggle to find truck operators with good driving records and the ability to handle long shifts and demanding work. Managers may also feel reluctant to retire them unless an incident takes place. Unfortunately, that incident may cost lives.

Truckers play an indispensable role in the supply chain that keeps society going. Unfortunately, more trucking jobs exist than people willing to do the work. This compels managers to overlook some risky hiring decisions, which may later put you and your family at risk.