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Frequent reasons for truck accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Large trucks present different dangers on the road due to their sheer size and weight. An accident that may cause very little damage between two passenger vehicles can be catastrophic if a large truck is involved.

Understanding common causes of accidents involving big rigs can help people exercise caution while sharing the road with large trucks.

Truck accidents caused by truck drivers

Most commercial truck drivers take extreme precautions to avoid accidents. Even so, accidents are bound to happen. The following lists the most common reasons for truck accidents where the big rig driver or truck company is at fault:

  • A lack of adequate training involving driving methods and safety measures
  • Employers that encourage riskier driving to earn compensations or bonuses
  • Trucking companies that push drivers to meet unrealistic schedules

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration outlines very specific driving and resting times for commercial drivers. Companies that push drivers to exceed these limits may be liable for accidents resulting from those actions.