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What possible injuries may occur during a forceps delivery?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2021 | Birth Injuries

Many expectant mothers may be unaware of the various medical procedures that can happen during birth. One way is through the use of forceps, which are metal tongs that allow better passage of your baby’s head through the birth canal.

Although using these devices can help ease the delivery process, forceps delivery can also sometimes come with unique health complications as well for you and your child.

Injuries to the mother

One common medical concerns women have is about the tearing of the uterine wall during labor. Women who suffer from this injury face struggles with bleeding and lacerations, as well as potential damage to their abdominal cavity during delivery. Some complications include weakened pelvic muscles and organs.

Your bladder may be more sensitive to pressure after a forceps injury. If the organ itself is not damaged, you may face struggles with your urethra, which connects to the bladder. This can lead to an inability for you to completely relieve yourself. Although some of these problems are minor, they can also escalate to more serious issues if not treated properly.

Injuries to the child

Some newborns face complications such as facial injuries or skull fractures. Due to the nature of the medical operation, forceps may be especially damaging to a baby’s head and face if used improperly. Take note of any bleeding or odd bruises or marks, since these make indicate further health issues.

In rarer cases, some infants can have seizures as a result of this procedure. By staying aware of what complications can happen during a forceps delivery, you can seek potential litigation if needed.