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Why should you consider a second medical opinion?

Recently, you faced a major medical diagnosis, or perhaps your doctor’s assessment of a minor medical diagnosis makes you feel uneasy. Either way, should you get a second opinion?

Cleveland Clinic explores reasons to get a second medical opinion. Another physician’s evaluation may bring peace of mind and avoid misdiagnosis.

Proper diagnosis

By seeing another doctor, you have a better idea of whether you received an appropriate diagnosis. Your primary doctor should conduct the proper tests and refer to the proper studies to ensure that she or he has all the facts. Another medical professional may also let you know whether to consider other possibilities regarding your diagnosis.


Knowing more about your medical condition makes you a more informed patient. You deserve to know as much as possible about your condition, its outcomes and your treatment options. Even if your first diagnosis proves accurate, getting another opinion may help you make well-informed decisions for your physical health, your finances and your mental health.

Proper recommended treatment

Besides your diagnosis, you should also receive an accurate treatment plan and know all available options. You may not want to move forward with an incomplete treatment plan. Another doctor may know of less-expensive or less-invasive treatments.

Working with specialists

Your doctor may not possess the same depth of medical knowledge as a specialist. Getting a second opinion could give your treatment team access to medical minds with more experience and expertise in your specific diagnosis. It may turn out that medical treatments or medicine could benefit your condition better than a surgery that your doctor may suggest.

Make yourself aware of your rights as a patient. Getting another medical assessment may benefit you in more ways than one.