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A truck accident may leave you with third-degree burns

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Because they haul goods to all parts of the country, semitruck drivers play a vital role in modern society. Unfortunately, whether due to a medical emergency, improper truck maintenance, distracted driving, inclement weather or something else, a commercial driver may lose control and crash into your vehicle.

Because of the consider size difference between tractor-trailers and passenger vehicles, catastrophic injuries are common in truck accidents. The third-degree burns you suffer in a collision with an 18-wheeler may change your life forever.

Why are trucks potential fire hazards?

There are more than 170,000 vehicle fires in the U.S. every single year. While any type of vehicle may burst into flames during an accident, semi-trucks may be particularly hazardous for three simple reasons:

  • Trucks have large fuel tanks.
  • Trucks have extensive electrical systems.
  • Trucks often carry flammable cargo and hazardous materials.

The severity of truck accidents may also increase a person’s burn risk. That is, in catastrophic collisions, the truck may trap drivers or passengers inside burning vehicles. With no direct avenue of escape, individuals may have a greater likelihood of sustaining a serious burn injury.

What are the consequences of third-degree burns?

A third-degree burn is a potentially life-threatening medical emergency. If you suffer this type of burn, your prognosis may depend both on the location of the burn and the percentage of burned skin you have. Still, extended hospital stays not uncommon with third-degree burns.

To treat you properly, doctors may graft skin from other parts of your body or from a donor. You are also likely to need antibiotics to combat infection and rehabilitation to return to normalcy. Unfortunately, the physical and psychological scars from third-degree burns may never go away entirely.