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What is a prenatal injury?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2021 | Birth Injury

Prenatal injuries are problems you or your fetus might have during pregnancy before your baby is born. The term combines the prefix “pre”, for “before”, with the word “natal”, for “of or pertaining to birth”.

You do everything you can to have a healthy pregnancy. Injuries might be the responsibility of someone else.

What types of prenatal injuries are there?

Pregnancy has the potential to be stressful and dangerous. As explained by ScienceDirect, prenatal injuries tend to come from maternal health and placental issues.

There are several subcategories of these types of injuries. Within those categories, you would have various specific problems and symptoms. Some general examples include:

  • Problems from trauma, such as from a car accident or truck accident
  • Issues stemming from difficult or prolonged labor
  • Injuries from infections or radiation exposure
  • Disorders and injuries from high-risk pregnancies

Why do prenatal injuries occur?

Many types of injuries should be easy to predict or even prevent for a trained neonatal or birth specialist. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. You could have doctors who are negligent in their diagnosis, or, worse, medical providers who administer dangerous therapies. Apart from professional negligence, car accidents or other blunt trauma could also cause a prenatal injury to your fetus.

Prenatal injuries are complex, and the deadline for accurate diagnosis is short. These are only a few of the reasons that your medical specialists have to perform so much practical and academic study before they get their credentials. If your doctor failed to recognize a dangerous condition, and if that failure led to an injury for yourself or for your baby, you might deserve compensation.