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Nursing home neglect believed to have led to man's death

Pennsylvanians expect that when they place a loved one in a nursing home, the proper amount of care will be provided. This includes ensuring that the residents receive the medication they are supposed to, monitoring them to make certain they are safe and addressing any issues immediately. Unfortunately, not all facilities adhere to this standard of care and engage in abusive behaviors, flout rules, and commit other acts that place the residents in danger. Nursing home neglect can happen to anyone. Having legal help is key to determining what happened and receiving compensation for it.

Legal assistance to deal with nursing home neglect

Pittsburgh residents do not take the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home lightly. With all the horror stories that are on the news about people in nursing homes facing various forms of abuse, a family will undoubtedly perform its due diligence and try to make certain any facility in which they are placing a loved one is safe and secure. Unfortunately, even facilities that are - on the surface - well-maintained and competent can have instances of abuse and neglect. When there is a belief that a loved one is being mistreated, it is wise to consider filing a lawsuit.

Rule change could affect pursuing nursing home abuse cases

Placing a loved one in a Pennsylvania nursing home is generally done so they can receive the proper care based on illness, condition or age and to ensure that they have a quality of life they would not otherwise have were they to remain at home alone or in the care of a loved one. The last thing family members are expecting is for there to be mistreatment or nursing home abuse of senior citizens or those who are ill. Unfortunately, it does happen. One issue that is currently being discussed is a rule that might be eliminated by the Trump presidential administration. This rule will hinder the attempts on the part of families and people who were victimized in a nursing home from seeking compensation in a lawsuit.

Warnings that nursing home neglect is occurring

Families in Pittsburgh who have to make the difficult decision to put an elderly loved one in a nursing home generally trust the nursing home to provide appropriate supervision and care of its new resident. Most Pennsylvania families would not think of giving less than the best medical care possible to their aged relative.

We have advocated for nursing home patients for decades

When a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, family makes the painful decision to put an aging or disabled loved one in a nursing home so that their relative can get the care he or she needs, the family is quite literally putting the life of the loved one in the nursing home's hands. After all, poor care in a nursing home can both directly lead to death and, indirectly, hasten death by ruining a patient's health.

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