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Posts tagged "Medical Malpractice"

Hospital staff's mistakes with gowns, gloves may spread bacteria

A research team recently found that hospital staff caring for infectious patients can inadvertently cause bacterial contamination through mistakes in the disposal of personal protective garments. Healthcare workers in Pennsylvania will want to know more about the study so that they can prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.

Studies find misdiagnosis to be the top cause of malpractice

The misdiagnosis of adult and pediatric patients is a major source for medical malpractice claims in Pennsylvania and across the nation, according to two new studies. The studies were conducted by Coverys and The Doctors Company, which are both medical malpractice insurers.

Rare diseases affect a surprising number of people

Rare Disease Day is held on the last day of February each year in an effort to raise awareness regarding rare diseases. Each year, a specific theme focuses attention on an aspect of the problem, and for 2019, the theme spotlights bridging the gap between medical, social and support services. There is no way of telling exactly how many Pennsylvania families are directly impacted by a rare disease because individual diagnoses are elusive. However, worldwide, it is estimated that roughly 400 million people are currently living with a rare disease of some form.

Seven conditions with which migraine sufferers are misdiagnosed

A migraine is a neurological disorder, and its symptoms can be mistaken for those of other conditions. One study shows that only 1 in 20 patients receive the correct migraine or headache diagnosis. Below are seven conditions with which patients in Pennsylvania may have been diagnosed when, in fact, they suffer from a migraine. The opposite can apply as well. Patients may be diagnosed with a migraine when they actually have one of these seven conditions.

Safety errors linked to electronic health records

Pennsylvania residents who are concerned about medical malpractice should be aware of the role electronic health records have to play in safety errors. A recent study that was published in Health Affairs investigated electronic health records to determine how they contribute to pediatric safety errors. It showed that more than half of the mistakes that were recorded were related to these records.

Routine back surgery results in accidental kidney removal

A 2017 study using data from the National Practitioner Data Bank found that approximately 4,000 people each year in Pennsylvania and across the United States suffer from surgical "never events." These are surgical mistakes that are entirely preventable. One example is a Florida doctor who recently removed a woman's kidney during a back surgery after he mistakenly believed it was a malignant tumor.

Cancer misdiagnosed in children: Study

Receiving a brain cancer diagnosis for their children can be devastating for parents in Pennsylvania. People want to make certain that their children are getting the best treatment possible so that their chances of survival might be improved. Unfortunately, a recent study showed that pathologists have a high error rate when diagnosing children with cancer called a CNS-PNET.

Reducing future delirium in ICU patients

A medical patient only visits the ICU under severe circumstances. While this means that he or she is likely in a medical crisis of some sort, studies show that the ICU experience itself has long-term effects on the body and brain. Patients who undergo such treatment have a higher risk of delirium later in life.

Surgical tool left in patient sparks medical malpractice lawsuit

When a Pennsylvania resident goes for medical treatment, there is an expectation that the care will be aboveboard, the medical staff will be vigilant, and careless mistakes will not happen. Unfortunately, they happen across the nation and, frequently, are done to those who have sacrificed for their country - U.S. military veterans. Given the turmoil at facilities operated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, it is becoming all-too common to hear of allegations of medical malpractice. When this occurs, it could be the basis for a lawsuit.

Are there damage caps on medical malpractice cases?

Thankfully for victims of negligent doctors and other medical professionals, Pennsylvania does not have a damages cap on medical malpractice cases in the vast majority of situations. This means if a resident of Pittsburgh gets hurt because of a doctor's errors or omissions, then, ultimately, the jury decides how much the case is worth, at least with respect to damages other than "punitive damages."

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