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Posts tagged "Wrongful Death"

Parents of victim killed by drunk driver sue Viacom

Viacom has been named as one of the defendants in a wrongful death lawsuit. The media company owns the Comedy Central cable channel that distributes programming throughout Pennsylvania. The parents of the victim claim that the media company bears responsibility for an intoxicated man who left the premiere party for the television show "Lights Out". The man apparently drove away from the party after drinking heavily and caused a fatal accident.

Pedestrian deaths becoming more common

Pedestrian deaths make up 16 percent of all traffic fatalities in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States. In 2009, they made up 12 percent of all fatalities, according to data from a Governors Highway Safety Association report. In 2018, there were 6,227 pedestrians killed in 2018, which is 51.5 percent higher than in 2009 when 4,109 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents. Smartphones and SUVs are cited as reasons why this increase is occurring.

Greater regulation urged to fight drug-impaired driving

As an increasing number of cities in Pennsylvania decriminalize cannabis, reflecting a national trend toward legalization, transportation safety officials are warning about the dangers of impaired driving. The National Transportation Safety Board called for the development of standards to determine when a driver is too impaired by cannabis to operate a vehicle safely. While the standards for alcohol intoxication have been set and are measured in blood alcohol concentration, no such consensus exists about the influence of cannabis on driving ability.

Fatal car crash hit-and-run statistics show substantial increase

For residents in Pittsburgh that have suffered the loss of a loved one in a motor vehicle accident, the anger and the pain that accompanies it will be compounded if it is a hit-and-run. Drivers who are in an accident are obligated to remain at the scene to exchange insurance information, check for injuries and call for help if it is needed. Leaving the scene is a criminal act, and the family of a deceased victim will want answers and justice.

Fatal accident statistics troublingly high in Beaver County

Pittsburgh drivers should know that there is always a chance there will be a car accident whenever they are out on the road. It can be beneficial to keep track of the dangerous areas, so drivers will know when they should take greater care. One such area is Beaver County. According to research, the number of fatal car accidents in the county tripled in 2017. This differed greatly from the trends elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

Fatal car crash statistics surpass 40,000 for 2nd straight year

In Pittsburgh and across the nation, law enforcement, government entities and auto manufacturers are seeking to improve safety in a variety of ways. Making certain drivers are obeying the laws, implementing safety protocols and installing new safety devices are all steps that are being taken. Unfortunately, there are still a significant number of fatal accidents on U.S. roadways. The latest research from the National Safety Council indicates that the number of deaths on the road decreased from 2016 to 2017, but the amount reduced was minuscule. Given the frequency of fatal car accidents, it is vital for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one to be aware of these statistics and how they can affect a legal filing.

Fatal workplace accident involving crane kills 2, injures 3

There is an inherent danger for Pennsylvania workers employed in jobs and at locations where there is heavy equipment and lots of activity. Many people work in these kinds of jobs. Family members are aware of the prospect that they will never see their loved one again because of a work accident. Unfortunately, the loss of a loved one can happen in a fatal workplace accident and can happen without warning. After it has happened, the family must be cognizant of the process to seek compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Fatal workplace accident statistics rise for transport workers

In Pennsylvania and across the U.S., many people think that workplace accidents only happen in jobs that are considered dangerous. For example, one might expect law enforcement officers and first responders to encounter dangers because of the constant risks they face. The jobs of truck drivers and delivery workers can also be considered dangerous because of the amount of travel they must do.

Police may have suspect in fatal hit-and-run

When there is a car accident in Pittsburgh or anywhere in Pennsylvania, it is imperative that those involved stop their vehicle. This is to check on the condition of others who were in the crash, to call for emergency assistance if it is needed, and to adhere to the law and exchange insurance information. Unfortunately, some people do not follow this law and decide to flee the scene.

Car crash kills woman; vehicle flees scene

Heading out on the road at any time in Pittsburgh can be a risky endeavor. Accidents happen frequently for a variety of reasons from drivers operating under the influence, driving while distracted, operating the vehicle recklessly, disobeying traffic laws and more. One of the fundamental parts of an accident is that the drivers are expected to remain at the scene and lend assistance or call for emergency responders if there are injuries. Unfortunately, not everyone does that. This is particularly egregious if there is a fatal accident. Those who were affected by a fatal car crash and lost a loved one must be aware of their right to seek compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

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