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Are there damage caps on medical malpractice cases?

Thankfully for victims of negligent doctors and other medical professionals, Pennsylvania does not have a damages cap on medical malpractice cases in the vast majority of situations. This means if a resident of Pittsburgh gets hurt because of a doctor's errors or omissions, then, ultimately, the jury decides how much the case is worth, at least with respect to damages other than "punitive damages."

The better news is that in Pennsylvania, and at least according to some with knowledge of the law, the state constitution would likely prevent lawmakers from ever imposing a cap, no matter how hard physicians and insurance companies lobby for one.

Representing families of children with cerebral palsy

Our law firm represents Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, victims of medical malpractice. We represent injured Pittsburgh patients of all types, from very old to the very young and even newborn babies. In fact, some of the saddest cases of malpractice are when a baby gets injured during labor and delivery because of a doctor's error, and the baby is permanently disabled as a result. It is also in these types of cases that it is especially important that a family get all of the compensation to which they are entitled.

One type of birth injury is cerebral palsy, which happens when a baby does not get enough oxygen in its brain. Admittedly, this condition is sometimes inevitable and does not have anything to do with the doctor. However, in many other cases, a doctor's errors or omissions lead to the condition, making it preventable.

Crash in Pittsburgh area leaves motorcyclist dead

Residents of Pennsylvania may see more motorcyclists on the roads now that summer is here, but there are certain dangers associated with riding a motorcycle. One of them is that other motorists may not pay attention to motorcyclists in their vicinity, resulting in a crash. In one recent example, a motorcyclist who was driving in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, which most recognize as a suburb of Pittsburgh, died following a fatal accident with another vehicle.

According to reports, the accident happened at a parking lot near a restaurant. The rider, age 48, was traveling on a state road, and a car pulled out of the parking lot in a move that was apparently unexpected for the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist hit the car as it pulled in to the road, and the collision caused the fatal accident. The motorcyclist died at the scene of the crash after suffering catastrophic injuries.

Pennsylvania's mandatory first party benefits insurance

Pennsylvania is a what is referred to as a "no fault" state, meaning that each and every driver on the road is required to have at least some "first party benefits" as part of their motor vehicle insurance policy. These first party benefits are required over and above the usual liability coverage a motorist must have in case he or she need to pay compensation for a car crash that was his or her fault.

First party benefits help victims of car accidents on a "no fault" basis, meaning that even if a person was responsible for his or her accident, he or she can still get benefits. These benefits are also, as the named implies, awarded on a "first party" basis, meaning a motorist will go to his or her own insurance company in order to obtain them in lieu of having to sue the other motorist involved in the accident.

Did a preventable drug interaction cause you serious injuries?

When you are struggling with health issues, you place your life and trust in the medical professionals caring for you. Whether it's an ongoing illness or a sudden emergency issue, like a stroke, you expect your doctors and nurses to help, not hurt you even worse.

Sadly, for a number of American patients every day, medical intervention causes serious issues. Sometimes, it's due to an honest mistake or clerical error. Other times, the issue stems from a medical professional failing to note the risk of a drug interaction when prescribing a new medication. Whatever the cause, you shouldn't have to suffer.

After a truck accident, you may need someone on your side

Just by looking at them, most Pittsburgh residents can tell that a large truck colliding with a car would in most cases cause extensive damage to the smaller vehicle. This is largely a matter of physics, as a truck going as fast as a car has a lot more momentum. In any event though, the size difference also means the driver of a car is more likely to suffer serious injuries or even die after a truck accident.

In many ways, though, truck accidents and car accidents are investigated in the same way. For the injured person or his or her family, the issue is always whether the other driver's negligence caused the accident. If the answer is "yes," then the other driver may owe compensation for the injured person's costs. These costs not only include lost wages and medical bills but also include harder to quantify things like pain and suffering or the loss of the ability to enjoy life.

Warnings that nursing home neglect is occurring

Families in Pittsburgh who have to make the difficult decision to put an elderly loved one in a nursing home generally trust the nursing home to provide appropriate supervision and care of its new resident. Most Pennsylvania families would not think of giving less than the best medical care possible to their aged relative.

However, it is still important for families to be on guard for some obvious signs of nursing home neglect. Noticing these warning signs early can protect their loved one's health and well-being and, in extreme cases, even be what saves their loved one's life.

A truck company may have to carry additional insurance

Most Pittsburgh residents know that, before driving a vehicle, a Pennsylvania resident must make sure he or she has proper insurance on that vehicle. Pennsylvania law establishes the minimum amount of that insurance.

In theory, these rules require a driver to make sure he or she has enough funds available to compensate victims should he or she cause an accident, although these limits often are too low to cover the most serious injuries.

Fatal Pittsburgh area accident frightens pedestrians

A fatal accident in Pittsburgh involving an area cab company has left many pedestrians who walk downtown, particularly at night, very worried about their safety.

The recent accident involved a cab driving at what witnesses described as a very fast pace. The cab driver apparently lost control or did not see that the car was about to go off of the road when the cab made a turn. The cab jumped the curb of a sidewalk in the downtown area, striking two pedestrians. One of the pedestrians died from his injuries, and the condition of the other victim is not known.

We have advocated for nursing home patients for decades

When a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, family makes the painful decision to put an aging or disabled loved one in a nursing home so that their relative can get the care he or she needs, the family is quite literally putting the life of the loved one in the nursing home's hands. After all, poor care in a nursing home can both directly lead to death and, indirectly, hasten death by ruining a patient's health.

Thankfully, most nursing homes in the Pittsburgh area are reputable and do their best for their patients. However, there are other not-so-good nursing homes that willingly cut corners to save money. Furthermore, even the good nursing homes are not perfect, and mistakes or even patterns of negligence can and do happen in these facilities.

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