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Answering Your Questions Related To Birth Injuries

If you believe that your baby has suffered a birth injury, now is the time to gather information and take action toward achieving recovery. Being a new parent comes with plenty of worries, and you are right to seek more information related to your newborn’s potential birth injuries.

Attorney John A. Caputo has more than 40 years of experience helping parents in Pittsburgh obtain financial compensation for injuries to their children as the result of hospital negligence. The birth of your baby is a miracle in action, but there are plenty of risks that come with their delivery that you may not recognize until your family comes home from the hospital.

Read Our Birth Injuries FAQ

You deserve to be informed of these risks and the process of helping your baby. Through our decades of experience, we have answered countless questions related to birth injuries, and we are always available to you with responsive help from an attorney.

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive from concerned parents like you.

What is a birth injury?.

A birth injury is any injury your baby receives during the delivery process or their initial stay in the hospital following their birth. Babies most often suffer injuries to their brain, heart or body that can result in a hypoxic brain injury, paralysis or hypertension.

Why do I need a lawyer to file a birth injury lawsuit?.

Without a lawyer, you may be unable to obtain the maximum compensation you deserve for your baby’s birth injuries. Hospitals are quick to settle birth injury claims by offering families a lump-sum payment before you are fully informed of your right to recovery.

What kinds of damages can I expect to receive?.

The amount of money you could receive as compensation depends on the nature and severity of your baby’s birth injury. This amount varies on a case-by-case basis, but your lawyer will work closely with you to ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your case.

How long will it take to resolve my case?.

The length of time it could take to resolve your case will vary based on your needs. Some cases are resolved quickly while others take years. As a law firm, it is our job to ensure that you understand the process and are comfortable with each step along the way. Ultimately, our focus is on meeting your needs in a timely and responsive manner so you and your baby obtain a just result.

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