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A New Perspective On Children’s Developmental Delays

Learning that your child has developmental delays can be troubling as a parent. Not only could you struggle to understand how your child can overcome these delays, but you are probably wondering what caused them as well. Attorney John A. Caputo is committed to helping parents in the Pittsburgh area understand the reasons for children’s developmental delays and obtaining financial compensation when possible.

Developmental delays can affect many aspects of a child’s life, including:

  • Trouble learning
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Immature language skills, motor skills or emotional sensitivity for their age
  • Inability to handle daily tasks like eating, dressing or bathing
  • A diagnosis of autism or Asperger’s syndrome

Developmental delays can happen for many reasons, and one of the primary causes includes a hypoxic brain injury, caused by lack of oxygen to the brain, during birth at the hospital. One way to tell that your child may have suffered a hypoxic brain injury is if they had to be resuscitated shortly after delivery.

If you are a parent struggling to understand your child’s developmental delay, an attorney can provide a new perspective. Speak with John A. Caputo by scheduling a free consultation. Call 412-620-6361 or send an email to get in touch with the firm.

Developmental Delays Can Happen At Any Time

It is important to remember that not all developmental delays manifest at a young age. Because the brain continues to grow and develop into adulthood, your child could be in their teens before a delay is noticed and diagnosed, which can profoundly impact their ability to continue their education and grow independent.

No matter the age at which your child’s developmental delay occurs, you may be able to pursue a birth injury case with help from a lawyer. Contact John A. Caputo & Associates, P.C., online today or call 412-620-6361 for more information in a free initial appointment.