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What Happens When You File A Complaint Against A Doctor?

Medical negligence or neglect can leave your entire family devastated. No amount of money can make you whole again, but compensation can help provide for your needs and help your family regain financial stability.

At John A. Caputo & Associates, P.C., attorneys John A. Caputo and Elizabeth Jenkins advocate for Pittsburgh patients and their families against negligent doctors and the insurance companies who defend them. We fight for the victims and have been for more than 40 years.

A Complaint Can Be Your First Step Toward Justice

When a doctor’s professional services fall below the applicable standard of care or are irresponsible and unethical, you can file a confidential complaint to the Pennsylvania Department of State. You can file a complaint over such concerns as:

  • A misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis
  • Sexual harassment or assault by a physician
  • Being given the wrong medications or too much medication
  • Delayed, inadequate or improper treatment
  • Practicing outside the scope of their training
  • Mistakes or errors in the emergency room

Once you have filed a complaint, the disciplinary board will conduct an investigation and follow up with you as necessary. If your complaint is found to be valid, the consequences for the physician may include a formal reprimand and fines, or they may have their medical license restricted, put on probation, suspended or revoked.

A Complaint Can Also Support Your Malpractice Claim

A patient’s complaint about a physician to a disciplinary board can be a crucial piece of evidence in establishing negligence in a subsequent malpractice claim. Your complaint provides a narrative that highlights the specific acts or omissions on the physician’s part that caused you harm.

In addition, a disciplinary investigation often involves consulting expert witnesses to assess the standard of care in your situation. If the experts agree that your complaint is valid, that can significantly bolster your malpractice claim.

We Fight For The Outcome You Deserve

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