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Did Neonatal Resuscitation Errors Harm Your Baby?

According to the American Association of Pediatrics, approximately one in 10 babies need help breathing at the time of their delivery. If you are worried that your baby could have been harmed by neonatal resuscitation errors or other assistive breathing measures, you are not alone in searching for answers.

How To Recognize Neonatal Resuscitation Errors

The good news is that just because your baby needed help breathing doesn’t always mean an injury resulted, but in some cases involving extensive resuscitation measures it can. If you are worried about the potential for injuries, you can reach out to attorney John A. Caputo in Pittsburgh today by calling our firm at 412-620-6361 or send an email. With more than 40 years of experience, we can quickly answer your questions related to neonatal resuscitation errors.

Performing a resuscitation can be a forceful but necessary process after a baby is born. Sometimes, it can lead to harm due to prolonged performance or improper technique. When you contact our firm to discuss your concerns, you will receive guidance from a knowledgeable attorney who works closely with medical experts to identify the cause of errors during your baby’s delivery or at the time of their resuscitation.

Your Questions About Birth Injuries Answered Today

Do not hesitate to contact John A. Caputo & Associates, P.C., today to discuss your concerns about a birth injury or neonatal resuscitation. Your baby deserves the utmost care and concern at all times, and we will treat you and your family with respect and compassion through every step of the recovery process.

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