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Dedicated Emergency C-section Malpractice Lawyers

Approximately one-third of all babies born in the United States are delivered via C-section, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Despite the complications this procedure could avoid, it can still be an extremely risky one for mothers and babies alike — and not all the negative consequences may be understood until after your baby is home from the hospital.

Because emergency C-sections are usually performed when a mother is already in labor, they may be done too late to still be safe. This delay can result in birth injuries to you or your baby.

Rely On An Experienced Team Of Pittsburgh Investigators

For decades, attorney John A. Caputo has helped mothers and newborns in the Pittsburgh area seek financial recovery for birth injuries. Through our experience, we have gained an understanding of all the fundamental features that are important to labor and delivery.

We are able to investigate this process by relying on a team of qualified experts from the medical and legal fields. With our combined knowledge and expertise, we can quickly spot unusual aspects of your delivery by using fetal heart rate reports, radiology and blood gas tests.

With these reports, we can spot many abnormalities, including those related to:

  • Contraction patterns
  • Fetal heart rate patterns
  • The progress of labor
  • How much Pitocin or oxytocin was administered
  • The pathology of the placenta and umbilical cord after delivery
  • Weight and size of the baby
  • Complications related to resuscitation

If you believe that you or your baby may have suffered a birth injury as the result of an emergency C-section, do not wait to seek legal representation. Your child’s life is precious, and a birth injury that is left unaddressed could affect them for the rest of their life.

Frequently Asked Questions Our Emergency Medical C-section Malpractice Lawyers See:

What is negligence during a C-section?

Cesarean section (C-section) negligence can happen in several ways. One form of C-section negligence is when medical professionals fail to treat patients with the appropriate standard of care. They may make mistakes like failing to respond to complications fast enough or failing to watch vital signs closely. Patients can suffer serious harm when such carelessness occurs.

Another form of C-section negligence is when medical professionals perform unnecessary C-sections. C-sections are designed for specific situations where traditional birthing puts the health of mothers and babies at risk. Outside of these situations, C-sections can create unnecessary health hazards for both mothers and babies and can potentially complicate future births for mothers.

Can you sue for nerve damage from a C-section?

Yes, patients who experience nerve damage during C-sections can file lawsuits if their injuries result from negligent care or unnecessary operations. An emergency c-section malpractice lawyer can provide victims with the guidance necessary to set the process in motion.

What is a botched C-section?

A botched C-section happens when a doctor performs the procedure incorrectly. This outcome can occur due to a variety of errors, ranging from a delayed delivery to improper incisions. These errors can severely or fatally injure mothers and babies.

Who is most liable for medical malpractice?

Usually, doctors are liable for C-section malpractice. However, hospitals or other medical professionals may be responsible in some cases. Determining fault is easiest when done with the help of an injury lawyer.

Can a doctor mess up a C-section?

Doctors are supposed to protect patients, yet even those with the best training can make mistakes. They may mess up a C-section by:

  • Failing to apply anesthesia properly
  • Failing to close wounds properly
  • Making errors that can lead to broken bones, lacerations and oxygen deprivation
  • Neglecting vital signs

Patients injured by these – or other – mistakes should seek a malpractice attorney’s help in holding negligent doctors accountable.

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