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Legal assistance to deal with nursing home neglect

Pittsburgh residents do not take the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home lightly. With all the horror stories that are on the news about people in nursing homes facing various forms of abuse, a family will undoubtedly perform its due diligence and try to make certain any facility in which they are placing a loved one is safe and secure. Unfortunately, even facilities that are - on the surface - well-maintained and competent can have instances of abuse and neglect. When there is a belief that a loved one is being mistreated, it is wise to consider filing a lawsuit.

There are many ways in which a person can be abused or mistreated in a nursing home. There can be physical, emotional and sexual abuse. A person might be ignored and left without medication. Malnutrition can occur. If the person does not receive medication and medical care that is necessary to maintain health, they might need hospitalization and even die. Another possible issue is bedsores. These come about if a patient is immobile and bedridden, but is not moved sufficiently to avoid these sores from coming about. Medication errors can be due to a lack of attention from the staff or basic malpractice.

Enforcing ban on texting and driving problematic in Pennsylvania

Drivers in Pennsylvania, law enforcement officials and legislators are undoubtedly aware of the risks that accompany texting and driving and other behaviors that result in being a distracted driver. While there is a law against texting and driving, there are issues with it that make it difficult for law enforcement to do anything about it. This can be a problem that can result in an auto accident, even if a driver is seen using a smartphone while driving. For those who are in a crash, the possibility that it was due to a distracted driver is significant and could be the key when seeking compensation in a legal filing.

The dangers of texting and driving and other distracting behaviors is known. Drivers are aware of how risky the practice is. Unfortunately, that does not prevent many people from taking part in it. A bill that was meant to ban handheld phones was sponsored by the current state attorney general when he was a legislator. It was amended and passed, but it was done in such a way that it largely prevents law enforcement from doing anything about most forms of distracted driving.

Man killed in fatal car crash as he changes tire

People on the road in Pittsburgh can face the unexpected danger of being involved in a car accident. However, they might not believe that certain mundane activities can also leave them vulnerable. Unfortunately, they are often proved wrong. Any type of car accident can lead to a wrongful death and long-term consequences for the family that has suffered the loss of a loved one. When there is an incident on the road, whether it involves vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists or anyone else, it is imperative to have legal assistance to pursue damages from those responsible.

Recently, a man who had stopped his vehicle on the side of the road to change a flat tire was killed when he was hit by a car. The accident occurred at around 1:30 p.m. The man who died, 55, was on the right shoulder when he was hit. The driver of a Honda Civic, 65, had gone off the main road and into the shoulder where the other man was changing the tire. He hit the man and then the car. When emergency personnel arrived, the man who had been changing the tire was declared dead at the site of the crash.

Fatal accident statistics for bicyclists show problematic rise

Whenever a Pennsylvania resident goes out on the road in any way, there is always a chance that there will be an accident. These accidents can lead to injuries and fatalities. The circumstances will often dictate the amount of damage that victims suffer, and if there are minor injuries all the way up to a fatality. One group that is increasingly at risk is bicyclists. Statistics indicate the number of fatalities for bicyclists is rising in the U.S. Those who frequently ride a bicycle should be aware of this. When there is an accident, the person and his or her family should know about the importance of a legal filing in the aftermath.

The Governors Highway Safety Association conducted a study that showed more than 800 people were killed in bicycle accidents in 2015 alone. That was a rise of more than 12 percent from 2014. The number of fatalities on a bicycle was a small percentage of the more than 35,000 deaths on U.S. roads, but the fastest growing category of fatal accidents is bicyclists.

Car accident seriously injures motorcyclist

Motorcyclists are a prevalent sight in Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania. It is imperative that riders and drivers of conventional vehicles share the road, are predictable, adhere to traffic signals and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of all. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that accidents will occur. When a car accident involves a motorcycle, there is a significant chance that serious injuries and fatalities will occur. It is also important when these car accidents occur that those involved stop. Sometimes they do not, making matters worse.

A motorcyclist was seriously hurt when his bike was hit by a car. The accident happened at around 9 p.m. The investigation showed that the rider was heading south and near the intersection. A car that was going north turned left into its path. The rider, 20, was thrown from his bike. He was found by emergency personnel and taken to the hospital. Although the driver of the 2014 Ford Focus initially fled, the woman, 34, later turned herself in to law enforcement. She has been charged with several traffic violations.

Two contractors die in fatal workplace accident at plant

Power plants and energy providers are prominent employers in Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania. These jobs are important to the economy and for people who do them to support their families. Some are employed by the business itself or are contractors. With many of these jobs, there are inherent dangers. If there is an accident, it can lead to severe injuries and fatalities. If a worker has been injured in the workplace or there was a fatal workplace accident, the family left behind must be cognizant of the steps they must take to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

A recent accident at a coal plant killed two contractors and injured four others. The accident happened at around 11:30 p.m. as the men were doing maintenance in an underground area. The men who died were 34-years-old and 42-years-old. They inhaled hydrogen sulfide, a toxic gas. Three of the men who were injured were also contractors. According to the law enforcement investigation, the men removed the elbow joint of a pipe and accidentally released the gas. Given that they were in a confined, enclosed space, they were overcome before they could escape. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the incident.

Do you know the first steps in a medical malpractice claim?

Medical malpractice suits can arise many ways, but knowing how to properly pursue fair compensation is often very difficult. Even in cases where medical malpractice seems very clear, the process can take a significant amount of time to reach a successful conclusion.

Unlike many other types of injury lawsuits, pursuing a medical malpractice claim must first go through review by several parties. There are many steps along the way that you must navigate carefully.

Rule change could affect pursuing nursing home abuse cases

Placing a loved one in a Pennsylvania nursing home is generally done so they can receive the proper care based on illness, condition or age and to ensure that they have a quality of life they would not otherwise have were they to remain at home alone or in the care of a loved one. The last thing family members are expecting is for there to be mistreatment or nursing home abuse of senior citizens or those who are ill. Unfortunately, it does happen. One issue that is currently being discussed is a rule that might be eliminated by the Trump presidential administration. This rule will hinder the attempts on the part of families and people who were victimized in a nursing home from seeking compensation in a lawsuit.

The Obama administration created a rule that stopped nursing homes from requiring that any dispute between resident and facility be settled in arbitration and not litigation. Generally, facilities require the incoming resident and the family to sign this stipulation before admission. The rule is problematic because it stops people for suing even in cases in which there is egregious nursing home negligence, nursing home abuse and wrongful death. Since a vast number of residents are suffering from issues that make it urgent that they are admitted as soon as possible, family members are apt to miss the clause in a large stack of agreements they are signing.

What is "shoulder dystocia" and its complications?

Parents in Pittsburgh who are expecting a baby will undoubtedly be excited as they prepare for the birth. The last thing they want to think about is the possibility that something might go wrong and birth injuries could occur. However, it is an unfortunate reality that there are sometimes issues with a newborn baby. These problems can be of the short or long-term variety. Regardless, there can be pain, medical expenses and other issues that accompany a problematic birth. "Shoulder dystocia" is one birth injury that parents should be aware of.

When a baby is being delivered and the shoulders get stuck in the mother, it can lead to shoulder dystocia. This is a danger for the mother and the baby. There are certain factors before birth that doctors and other medical professionals should be able to recognize and take steps to mitigate. If it is a large baby - also referred to as "macrosomia" - the doctor might advise that there be a cesarean section. Other factors that could lead to shoulder dystocia include the mother being diabetic, multiple births, obesity, birth after the due date, induced labor, an epidural being given to ease the pain or an operative vaginal birth in which the doctor uses medical tools to help with the birth. There can also be shoulder dystocia even if the mother does not have known risk factors.

Fatal truck accident kills child on bicycle

In Pittsburgh, the summer is a time when there are many children out on the streets. They could be playing ball, riding their bicycles, and doing numerous other activities. Drivers generally keep a close watch on children and make certain they are out of harm's way when driving. Unfortunately, there are still incidents when a child will be hit by a motor vehicle. This is especially dangerous when it is a large truck. The size of these vehicles when compared with the size and lack of visibility of children can lead to severe injuries and death. If such an accident happens, it is important for families to know how to pursue compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

A dump truck crashed into a 6-year-old boy who was riding his bicycle and killed him in the mid-afternoon. The accident happened at around 1:40 p.m. The law enforcement investigation is still underway and the truck driver stopped at the scene and is being cooperative. Neighbors in the area say that the boy was frequently seen riding his bike. A nearby man said he heard a loud noise which he did not believe to be anything serious, but checked outside and saw the damaged bike and the boy in the street. The driver will be tested to determine if he had any intoxicating substances in his body.

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