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Understanding the nature of Erb's palsy

Doctors have a very important and delicate role in childbirth. They should be ready for any complications that may arise such as larger babies or prolonged labor. Any mistakes they make in the process can have serious repercussions towards the child's future.

One traumatic injury that could result from doctor negligence is Erb's palsy. This condition has been the basis for several birth injury lawsuits, but just what does it do a child and how did the doctor cause this?

Fatal car crash hit-and-run statistics show substantial increase

For residents in Pittsburgh that have suffered the loss of a loved one in a motor vehicle accident, the anger and the pain that accompanies it will be compounded if it is a hit-and-run. Drivers who are in an accident are obligated to remain at the scene to exchange insurance information, check for injuries and call for help if it is needed. Leaving the scene is a criminal act, and the family of a deceased victim will want answers and justice.

Researchers examine hit-and-run fatalities and found that the number of fatal hit-and-run crashes occurring each year is increasing. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted the study. In it, it was discovered that there were 2,049 deaths in hit-and-run accidents in 2016. This is the most ever recorded. In addition, there was a rise of 60 percent since 2009. An estimated 65 percent of those who died were on a bicycle or were pedestrians. Also at risk were those who were working on highways. The number of hit-and-run fatalities across the nation rose by more than 7 percent for every year from 2009 onward.

Suing a hospital for medical malpractice

Suffering an injury caused by medical malpractice is always difficult to overcome. Not only must you deal with physically recovering from your injuries, you must also resolve the malpractice issue fairly. These matters take time and energy, and without proper attention paid to both, one may suffer. If you do not properly focus on your own recovery, you may suffer ongoing symptoms for many months or even years.

In many instances, medical malpractice claims list hospitals as defendants, but not always. If you suspect that the hospital where you suffered an injury holds some liability for the harm you experienced, then consider very carefully the legal grounds you may have to name them in a malpractice claim. However you choose to build your claim, it is crucial to assess all the potential defendants involved, in order to increase the likelihood of securing complete compensation that fairly addresses your injuries and losses.

Nursing home neglect believed to have led to man's death

Pennsylvanians expect that when they place a loved one in a nursing home, the proper amount of care will be provided. This includes ensuring that the residents receive the medication they are supposed to, monitoring them to make certain they are safe and addressing any issues immediately. Unfortunately, not all facilities adhere to this standard of care and engage in abusive behaviors, flout rules, and commit other acts that place the residents in danger. Nursing home neglect can happen to anyone. Having legal help is key to determining what happened and receiving compensation for it.

The father of the former U.S. National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster died in a Pennsylvania nursing home in April. Mr. McMaster had entered the facility on April 9 to receive rehabilitation after suffering a stroke. On April 12, Mr. McMaster was found on the floor in his room by a nursing assistant. He had open wounds on his shoulder and his head. He was placed in his wheelchair and the nursing assistants informed their superiors. He was found dead the next morning.

Fatal accident statistics troublingly high in Beaver County

Pittsburgh drivers should know that there is always a chance there will be a car accident whenever they are out on the road. It can be beneficial to keep track of the dangerous areas, so drivers will know when they should take greater care. One such area is Beaver County. According to research, the number of fatal car accidents in the county tripled in 2017. This differed greatly from the trends elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, there were 17 fatalities in the county in 2017. This was an increase of 12 from 2016, when the number was only five. This was the most deaths on the road in five years. While this was happening in Beaver County, the number of fatal accidents on other roads in the state reached an historic low. The number of deaths in Beaver County contradicts traffic engineers' belief that the fatalities in the county continue to reduce.

Pedestrian-auto accident injures elderly school crossing guard

For some residents of Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas in Pennsylvania, being on the road as a pedestrian goes beyond getting from one place to another and is part of their job. This holds true for people who do a variety of jobs. They must be constantly vigilant of drivers who might not be paying attention, are speeding, are under the influence, or are simply negligent. When there is an accident between a vehicle and a pedestrian, there can be serious injuries and death. A lawsuit can help to recover compensation after these car accidents.

A 70-year-old woman working as a school crossing guard was hit by a car and injured. The accident happened when a vehicle sped around a corner as a child was crossing the street. The guard pushed the child to safety before she was hit. The guard's family said that the driver did not see her and apologized after the accident. She was taken to the hospital where she was found to have suffered from a broken leg, a broken arm, and a concussion. It is not known yet if the driver will be charged.

Driving distractions high in Allegheny County

Since distracted driving is such a dangerous behavior in Pennsylvania and can cause accidents with injuries and death, it is important to keep track of various statistics regarding the practice. Understanding the numbers can yield information that might be beneficial to reducing the number of people who are distracted behind the wheel. Some areas in Pennsylvania are worse than others in terms of the number of people who are texting and driving, using their smartphone to surf the web, check emails, use social media and other activities.

The latest numbers show that Allegheny County ranks second for the most distracted drivers in Pennsylvania. The statistics were based on the number of citations issued for distracted driving. The highest percentage was in Montgomery County, where 11 percent of the citations in the state occurred. Allegheny County accounted for 8 percent of the number of citations. The number of citations given rose by 52 percent in 2017.

Car accidents might be linked to time change and drowsy driving

The roads in Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania can be a dangerous place. What can make the roads even more treacherous are outside influences, some of which people have little control over. One that is often overlooked is daylight saving time. While this is a normal part of the year and moving the clocks forward is generally viewed as a positive because it means winter is nearly over, studies have shown that it can place people on the road at risk.

In the immediate aftermath of the time change, the effects of losing one hour of sleep can lead to drowsy drivers. Another issue that is worrisome is the possibility that people heading out on the road in the morning will be in darkness - something they were not accustomed to before the clocks were moved forward. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has conducted research into drowsy driving and it found that an estimated 10 percent of accidents were caused by drowsy driving - eight times what federal agencies estimated it to be.

Car accident injures 3 as vehicle crashes into car dealership

While people in Pittsburgh do not expect to be involved in a car accident when out on the road, there is a certain understanding that it can happen at any time. When they are in a building, the last thing they expect is to have a vehicle crash through the wall or window. Unfortunately, these kinds of car accidents do happen. People who are inside can be injured or killed because they are not expecting it. After this kind of accident, it is essential to understand the steps to pursuing compensation through a lawsuit.

A vehicle crashed into the window of an auto dealership and injured three people, including the driver. According to the regional operations director of the dealership, the driver was a customer at the facility. She accidentally accelerated and hit the showroom window. A man who works at the dealership was hurt, along with another customer. The extent of their injuries is not yet known.

Fatal car crash statistics surpass 40,000 for 2nd straight year

In Pittsburgh and across the nation, law enforcement, government entities and auto manufacturers are seeking to improve safety in a variety of ways. Making certain drivers are obeying the laws, implementing safety protocols and installing new safety devices are all steps that are being taken. Unfortunately, there are still a significant number of fatal accidents on U.S. roadways. The latest research from the National Safety Council indicates that the number of deaths on the road decreased from 2016 to 2017, but the amount reduced was minuscule. Given the frequency of fatal car accidents, it is vital for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one to be aware of these statistics and how they can affect a legal filing.

In 2017, there were more than 40,000 fatalities on U.S. roads. This is the second consecutive year that the total has surpassed 40,000. The NSC estimates that there were 40,100 fatalities, down 1 percent from 2016 when there were 40,327 fatalities. This comes on the heels of the largest two-year rise in five decades. The total in 2017 was still 6 percent higher than the total for 2015. The NSC is seeking to encourage drivers to take extra caution and to make certain that they wear their seatbelts, whether it is required by state law or not.

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