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Man killed in fatal car crash as he changes tire

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2017 | Wrongful Death

People on the road in Pittsburgh can face the unexpected danger of being involved in a car accident. However, they might not believe that certain mundane activities can also leave them vulnerable. Unfortunately, they are often proved wrong. Any type of car accident can lead to a wrongful death and long-term consequences for the family that has suffered the loss of a loved one. When there is an incident on the road, whether it involves vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists or anyone else, it is imperative to have legal assistance to pursue damages from those responsible.

Recently, a man who had stopped his vehicle on the side of the road to change a flat tire was killed when he was hit by a car. The accident occurred at around 1:30 p.m. The man who died, 55, was on the right shoulder when he was hit. The driver of a Honda Civic, 65, had gone off the main road and into the shoulder where the other man was changing the tire. He hit the man and then the car. When emergency personnel arrived, the man who had been changing the tire was declared dead at the site of the crash.

When a fatal car crash claims the life of a loved one, the family left behind will have much to consider. There will be the funeral costs, of course. If the person was a breadwinner in the household, took care of children or contributed in other ways, the loss will be significant. This is stacked on top of the emotional and personal loss from the unexpected death. There might have been medical bills before the death or the family could have trouble making ends meet after the death. A legal claim can be imperative because it could make certain that the family maximizes its compensation without insurance companies trying to settle the case in its immediate aftermath.

In this accident, a man was simply on the side of the road changing a tire when he was hit by a car and killed. The investigation into the case is vital and the people who have suffered the loss should make certain they are protected with their own interests at the forefront.

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