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Car accident injures 3 as vehicle crashes into car dealership

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2018 | Car Accidents

While people in Pittsburgh do not expect to be involved in a car accident when out on the road, there is a certain understanding that it can happen at any time. When they are in a building, the last thing they expect is to have a vehicle crash through the wall or window. Unfortunately, these kinds of car accidents do happen. People who are inside can be injured or killed because they are not expecting it. After this kind of accident, it is essential to understand the steps to pursuing compensation through a lawsuit.

A vehicle crashed into the window of an auto dealership and injured three people, including the driver. According to the regional operations director of the dealership, the driver was a customer at the facility. She accidentally accelerated and hit the showroom window. A man who works at the dealership was hurt, along with another customer. The extent of their injuries is not yet known.

Being in any kind of car accident can be physically damaging, emotionally traumatic, and financially costly. This is compounded when people are entirely unprepared and unprotected from the vehicle.

Medical expenses can accrue from treatments, surgical procedures, rehabilitation, medication and the possibility that the person will need care at home. Lost time at work can also be a problem. The litany of issues can negatively affect the life of the car accident victim and their family. A legal filing is often the only strategy to be adequately compensated. Those who were hurt must remember their rights and discuss their legal case with an experienced legal professional.

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