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Driving distractions high in Allegheny County

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2018 | Car Accidents

Since distracted driving is such a dangerous behavior in Pennsylvania and can cause accidents with injuries and death, it is important to keep track of various statistics regarding the practice. Understanding the numbers can yield information that might be beneficial to reducing the number of people who are distracted behind the wheel. Some areas in Pennsylvania are worse than others in terms of the number of people who are texting and driving, using their smartphone to surf the web, check emails, use social media and other activities.

The latest numbers show that Allegheny County ranks second for the most distracted drivers in Pennsylvania. The statistics were based on the number of citations issued for distracted driving. The highest percentage was in Montgomery County, where 11 percent of the citations in the state occurred. Allegheny County accounted for 8 percent of the number of citations. The number of citations given rose by 52 percent in 2017.

In Pennsylvania, it is a violation for drivers to use their devices to email, read text messages, or write text messages. In addition, drivers are not allowed to wear headphones when behind the wheel as this too can be a distraction. The demographic that received the highest number of citations for distracted driving were people in their 20s. Of the total number of people who received citations for distracted driving, it was overwhelmingly male at 69 percent.

For people in Pittsburgh and throughout Allegheny County, these numbers should be concerning. Distracted driving is a problem throughout the nation and can cause a car crash with catastrophic injuries and fatalities. Massive medical expenses, lost wages, long-term damages and major life changes can result after a crash. Often, the only way to be financially covered for all that was lost is by filing a lawsuit. Those who are involved in a car accident should know that there is a significant chance that it was due to the other driver being distracted. A lawyer who is experienced in investigating and pursuing claims because of car accidents can help.

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