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Signs something could be wrong during pregnancy and delivery?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2019 | Uncategorized

If this is your first baby, you are probably feeling a bit nervous about the birth process. Even if you have several other children, no two pregnancies or birth experiences are exactly the same. So, although you’re a veteran mother, you might still feel anxious as you near your due date. 

You are not, however, expected to know everything there is to know about having a baby, especially regarding labor, delivery and recovery. There are certain signs that suggest fetal distress, and while your doctor generally knows how to recognize them, you should also know when to raise concerns and make sure your voice is heard.

Issues that warrant specialized care or action

When you visit your doctor during pregnancy, your medical team will measure your baby and perform other tests to make sure things are progressing in a safe and healthy manner. The following lists definite signs that your baby is not doing well, and they may necessitate close monitoring, special care or immediate action:

  • When your doctor or nurse checks your baby’s heart rate, he or she will alert at signs of bradycardia or tachycardia, meaning too slow or too fast a heart rate.
  • Especially during contractions, your medical team monitors your child’s heart rate. Sudden deceleration or failure to return to the base line once the contraction subsides are causes for immediate concern.
  • If you’re at week 28 or beyond, your baby should be active every day. If you experience decreased fetal movement, you’ll definitely want to alert your OB.
  • Any severe cramping, back pain or unusual discomfort could be a sign of fetal distress or premature labor.
  • Vaginal bleeding is always a cause for concern during pregnancy.

There are many other issues that would prompt the average obstetrician to take further action to ensure the health and safety of a pregnant mother and her child. If an OB, nurse or other medical team member is negligent, it can place mom and baby at great risk for injury.

Did negligence cause your child to suffer a birth injury?

It’s devastating to have the joy and excitement of childbirth turn into tragedy if a birth injury occurs. Many babies are able to fully recover from their injuries, while others are left with life-long repercussions. As a parent, it is understandable that you would have a great desire to seek justice on behalf of your injured child.

Since no injury can be undone, there is no way to fully alleviate the pain or emotional trauma associated with a birth injury. Remedies do exist to ensure that you have the financial resources to care for a child that will have greater needs.