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Changing the clocks may result in more accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2019 | Car Accidents

Those who are driving on Pennsylvania roads during the late fall and winter seasons are more likely to do so in the dark. Furthermore, they may be doing so while trying to adjust to the time shift that occurs in early November. According to AAA, there are many risks that drivers face during the first few days after this time shift occurs. First, they may have trouble sticking with their sleep and wake cycles.

Those who have trouble sticking to a sleep schedule may find it harder to stay awake while operating a motor vehicle. In some cases, drivers may not even know that they are too tired to drive. Data from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety survey found that most respondents believed that drowsy driving should be avoided. However, 27% of those who took the survey said that they had driven while tired within the past 30 days.

Ideally, drivers will go to bed at the same time that they normally would in an effort to stay on a normal schedule. In addition to drowsy driving, the shorter days may result in people driving home from work in the dark. The Insurance Bureau of British Columbia found that there was an increase in collisions in the late afternoon during the first two weeks after the time change.

Those who have been involved in an accident involving a negligent driver may receive a financial award from that individual’s insurance company. This may make it easier to pay for medical bills and other damages related to the accident. Damages might include lost wages or lost earnings caused by an inability to return to work following a wreck. An attorney may help a person take steps to obtain a favorable outcome in his or her case.