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Ask these questions before any surgical procedure

There may come a point when your medical team suggests a surgical procedure as a means of improving your health. Even though you’re not thrilled at the idea, you realize it’s in your best interest.

As you prepare for your procedure, it’s natural to have both questions and concerns. Here are three questions you should ask your doctor and/or other members of your medical team:

  • Can you explain the details of the procedure? Your doctor can’t tell you everything that will happen, but you have the right to know the basics of what the procedure entails. This should give you peace of mind, while also working in your favor should something go wrong.
  • What are the risks associated with the procedure? Every surgical procedure, even those that are minor, come with a variety of risks. Some of these you can prepare for, some of them you can’t. Even so, you should have a clear idea of the potential risks and complications.
  • Who will be part of the surgery team? You have a right to know who will be present in the operating room and what their role will be. You can also take this time to discuss your care team post-surgery.

When you consent to a surgical procedure, it’s your hope that everything goes as planned. If it does, you’re in a better position to overcome your health concern.

However, if something goes wrong, such as a mistake during surgery, learn more about the cause and then take steps to protect your legal rights. You don’t want to overlook any type of negligence that resulted in additional harm and/or costs.