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Scene investigation helps find the cause of a truck-car crash

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Trucking companies do all they can to protect their interests following a crash between a big rig and a passenger vehicle and they have teams of lawyers to help in this regard.

Knowing that trucking company investigators will quickly arrive at the scene of a crash, advocates for the victims will do the same in the attempt to determine what caused the accident.

Continuing the work

The main tasks of the law enforcement officers who come to the scene of a vehicle crash are to secure the site, take pictures, fill out a report and mark the scene, identifying points of interest with spray paint or flags. They rarely have time to make a thorough examination for evidence. This is when investigators representing both the trucking company and the injured parties in the other vehicle involved in the crash take over.

Noting types of evidence

A truck-car crash leaves a great deal of evidence behind, including:

– tire tracks

– skid marks

– gouges in the pavement or shoulder of the road

fluid stains such as brake fluid, engine oil or blood

– glass from broken windshields

– damage to curbs, guardrails, mailboxes or other structures

– vehicle debris

– cargo thrown from vehicles

The evidence can show investigators the points of impact and the final resting positions of the vehicles.

Looking at possible causes

Once investigators are able to sort through the evidence, possible reasons for the truck-car crash will begin to take shape. These might include unsafe roadway, speeding, defective vehicle components, distracted driving or drunk driving. If the truck driver was negligent, liability can extend to multiple parties, starting with the trucking company. The crash victim has the right to expect full and fair compensation for any injuries sustained, lost wages and more.