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Watch out for cars this Halloween

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Personal Injury

Halloween is an exciting time for kids. Staying up late, fun costumes and free candy make the holiday a favorite for many children every year, but the night is not without its own risks. The ageless warning of telling parents to check their children’s candy is a classic cautionary tale each holiday, but there are other dangers to be wary of.

For child-aged pedestrians, Halloween is the deadliest night to be out and about. It can be easy to be so entranced with the festivities of the night to not look at the road, but there are still safety measures that every parent should exercise to look after their kids while trick-or-treating. Here are a few tips to follow to keep your kids safer this Halloween:

Exercise common road safety

When moving from house to house, be sure to keep an eye on the road. Looking both ways on the street, trying to cross the street only as crosswalks, and making sure drivers know you are there are all great ways to increase the odds of a driver spotting you and your kids before it is too late.

Wear noticeable costumes or reflective gear

While a mostly black costume may look cool indoors, it can make a child nearly invisible outside on a Halloween night. When planning your kid’s costume, try to pick one that can stand out at night and remain visible even in low-light areas.

While a reflective vest would be ideal to remain visible at night, your children may not want it to cover their costume. However, adding a prop to a costume that lights up can increase their visibility at night. You can also give them a glow-in-the-dark container for their candy, so your children may be more willing to hang on to the noticeable part of their outfit.

Stay safe out there

Halloween can be a dangerous time for children, but you can help keep them safe while still having fun. A bit of extra precaution is all it takes to stay safe this year and let your kids make more fun memories next year.