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Pedestrian-auto accident injures elderly school crossing guard

For some residents of Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas in Pennsylvania, being on the road as a pedestrian goes beyond getting from one place to another and is part of their job. This holds true for people who do a variety of jobs. They must be constantly vigilant of drivers who might not be paying attention, are speeding, are under the influence, or are simply negligent. When there is an accident between a vehicle and a pedestrian, there can be serious injuries and death. A lawsuit can help to recover compensation after these car accidents.

Driving distractions high in Allegheny County

Since distracted driving is such a dangerous behavior in Pennsylvania and can cause accidents with injuries and death, it is important to keep track of various statistics regarding the practice. Understanding the numbers can yield information that might be beneficial to reducing the number of people who are distracted behind the wheel. Some areas in Pennsylvania are worse than others in terms of the number of people who are texting and driving, using their smartphone to surf the web, check emails, use social media and other activities.

Car accidents might be linked to time change and drowsy driving

The roads in Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania can be a dangerous place. What can make the roads even more treacherous are outside influences, some of which people have little control over. One that is often overlooked is daylight saving time. While this is a normal part of the year and moving the clocks forward is generally viewed as a positive because it means winter is nearly over, studies have shown that it can place people on the road at risk.

Car accident injures 3 as vehicle crashes into car dealership

While people in Pittsburgh do not expect to be involved in a car accident when out on the road, there is a certain understanding that it can happen at any time. When they are in a building, the last thing they expect is to have a vehicle crash through the wall or window. Unfortunately, these kinds of car accidents do happen. People who are inside can be injured or killed because they are not expecting it. After this kind of accident, it is essential to understand the steps to pursuing compensation through a lawsuit.

Survey shows factors that lead to being a distracted driver

Anyone who has been on the road in Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania will likely have a story of encountering a distracted driver. The reasons for people choosing to drive while distracted are not often considered, but an online survey for Travelers Insurance examined this very issue. In the responses, it was found that people are not solely texting friends, checking emails, using social media or playing games. Many - more than four of every 10 - are using their phones for work while driving. This can be a key factor when there is a car accident and victims are seeking to be compensated for their injuries and losses.

Enforcing ban on texting and driving problematic in Pennsylvania

Drivers in Pennsylvania, law enforcement officials and legislators are undoubtedly aware of the risks that accompany texting and driving and other behaviors that result in being a distracted driver. While there is a law against texting and driving, there are issues with it that make it difficult for law enforcement to do anything about it. This can be a problem that can result in an auto accident, even if a driver is seen using a smartphone while driving. For those who are in a crash, the possibility that it was due to a distracted driver is significant and could be the key when seeking compensation in a legal filing.

Car accident seriously injures motorcyclist

Motorcyclists are a prevalent sight in Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania. It is imperative that riders and drivers of conventional vehicles share the road, are predictable, adhere to traffic signals and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of all. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that accidents will occur. When a car accident involves a motorcycle, there is a significant chance that serious injuries and fatalities will occur. It is also important when these car accidents occur that those involved stop. Sometimes they do not, making matters worse.

Crash in Pittsburgh area leaves motorcyclist dead

Residents of Pennsylvania may see more motorcyclists on the roads now that summer is here, but there are certain dangers associated with riding a motorcycle. One of them is that other motorists may not pay attention to motorcyclists in their vicinity, resulting in a crash. In one recent example, a motorcyclist who was driving in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, which most recognize as a suburb of Pittsburgh, died following a fatal accident with another vehicle.

Pennsylvania's mandatory first party benefits insurance

Pennsylvania is a what is referred to as a "no fault" state, meaning that each and every driver on the road is required to have at least some "first party benefits" as part of their motor vehicle insurance policy. These first party benefits are required over and above the usual liability coverage a motorist must have in case he or she need to pay compensation for a car crash that was his or her fault.

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