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Representing families of children with cerebral palsy

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2017 | Birth Injury

Our law firm represents Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, victims of medical malpractice. We represent injured Pittsburgh patients of all types, from very old to the very young and even newborn babies. In fact, some of the saddest cases of malpractice are when a baby gets injured during labor and delivery because of a doctor’s error, and the baby is permanently disabled as a result. It is also in these types of cases that it is especially important that a family get all of the compensation to which they are entitled.

One type of birth injury is cerebral palsy, which happens when a baby does not get enough oxygen in its brain. Admittedly, this condition is sometimes inevitable and does not have anything to do with the doctor. However, in many other cases, a doctor’s errors or omissions lead to the condition, making it preventable.

Cerebral palsy is always a serious condition that involves a lifelong struggle. Although some cases are more severe than others, a family who has a child with cerebral palsy is going to have to pay for expensive medicine and treatment and may need specialized equipment and physical and occupations therapy. Additional educational expenses are also likely, since the child may not learn things in an ordinary way.

With decades of experience, we know what exactly to look for in order to determine whether a doctor’s negligence contributed to a baby’s cerebral palsy. We also can help a family figure out exactly how much money they are going to need in the years to come in order to support their special needs child. The amount may be much higher than one might think given all the costs and expenses involved.