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How does drowsiness impact truckers?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Drowsiness is an issue that affects every driver who hits the road without getting enough sleep. However, it tends to have a bigger impact on some compared to others.

For example, truckers are one of the worst people to end up drowsy behind the wheel. But why is that, exactly?

Trucking culture and drowsiness

The CDC discusses matters about driving while drowsy. In specific, truckers have a culture in which hustling to get the job done presides as more important than getting enough rest. The companies themselves even contribute to this, often rewarding the workers who push themselves and get more deliveries done in a day.

Truckers also often believe in the myth of “wakefulness tricks”. These tricks supposedly help keep a person awake when they need to drive while tired and include things like driving with the windows down or turning up the music.

While these tricks may work for short periods of time, they do not work long-term. They cannot keep a driver awake indefinitely, and considering the distance truckers drive, they will stop working sooner rather than later.

Why are truckers so dangerous?

Drowsiness is dangerous because it increases the risk of a driver getting into a crash by exponential levels. Unfortunately, this is also where trucker drowsiness in particular gets more deadly. Due to the sheer size and weight of a truck, its involvement in a crash will likely mean catastrophic damage to anyone involved.

Thus, truck drivers should do whatever they can to get enough sleep before hitting the road. Otherwise, they risk getting into a crash that could end not only their life but also the lives of others.